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Molly's Kittens are growing fast!

Freddie (Tabby) Archie (Black and White) and Elle (the little lighter coloured girl) are now 8 weeks old and they are full of fun and mischief! Just a quick update on Molly and her babies. They are just over 8 weeks old and are doing so well. They seemed to be fully weaned as Lyn(fosterer) doesn’t see them feeding anymore. They are learning play and fighting and tearing up and down their room with hobnail boots on!! Archie absolutely loves to play and he is cutting his apron strings from his mum and becoming a little more independent. Ellie is still fearlessly independent and is the first to do anything and Freddie is such a sweet, gentle boy. They are getting used to people visiting and some of their visitors are children. They are loving life and that’s just as it should be.

The kittens are soon to be neutered and they will also be vaccinated and Microchipped by PAWS. They are looking for new homes and they will be ready to leave in around 3 to 4 weeks time.

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