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Pennine Animal Welfare Society started off with very humble beginnings in our founder member’s flat.  Sue Curran started taking in unwanted cats and dogs from 2007 but quickly found that demand outstripped supply in terms of vet’s bills, food supplies and space.  Following a meeting with like-minded local people in Todmorden, PAWS was born.  It gained registered charitable status on 9th December 2014 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.


PAWS was located in the Todmorden area and covered a 15 mile radius of the town centre.  We are well known for our coffee mornings, having a market stall, organising local events such as dog shows, fetes, Christmas Fairs and offering help to those in need in terms of food to local food banks, help with cat neutering vouchers and giving advice on rehoming and adoption.  We rehome widely across the region and take in animals within our catchment area.  However, following a notice of our landlord regarding re-possession of Eastwood Road, which we rented, a search began in earnest to ensure the long-term continuation of PAWS’ services to the local communities.


We began a media and fundraising campaign and as a result were fortunate to be able to raise sufficient money earlier this year to purchase a 4 acre plot of land and stables in the Delph area.   Our dream of owning our own site was realised! 


Currently we are awaiting the re-submission of our planning application to convert the existing stables to kennelling, to add another smaller new kennel block and to install a new cattery on site alongside Sue’s static caravan.  We need to have a residential element to the site for 24/7 care and security of the dogs and cats we care for.  We previously had permission in Todmorden for this element, as long as the animals were on site.  We do not want to build a house, but we do want to ensure our animals are cared for and are living in draught-proof, warm and dry housing.  We are looking at sustainable options in terms of solar power, water catchment/filtration and creating the least impact on the land we can.  We appreciate the beauty of the countryside around us and we want to ensure that we do as little as possible to detrimentally impact it.  However, we do need to have proper drainage installed and a septic tank or similar to ensure we create as little pollution as possible.  The noise assessment and report from Highways reveals they have no concerns regarding the site.  A preliminary ecological survey will be undertaken too so we can ensure the Council is reassured we have provided enough evidence of our ‘exceptional’ need.  We are grateful to all our supporters and thank them for their kind words and letters.


All we want to do is build out as soon as possible and to get on with rescuing cats and dogs in need.  Currently, we are receiving between 15-20 calls and emails a day from desperate people asking for help.  Please note, we cannot take any new animals into our care until we have made the stables water-tight and we have planning permission in place.  We also need to have sufficient funds to pay for everything.  We have applied to two national animal charities for grants but if you want to make a regular or one-off donation, or would like to leave a legacy or sponsor an animal or animal housing, then please get in touch via  Similarly, we will be looking for tradesmen to help on site. If you can donate your time and/or materials do let us know!  We will also be looking to pay for some of the services we require once we are in a better position financially.


You can keep in touch with what we’re up to on our social media, so do like/follow us there and we look forward to seeing you at some point in the future.

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