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Molly and Babies 02.05.2024

Look at this family now!!! Beautiful Molly and the three angels. The babies are just over a month old now and starting to play. Little Ellie is a proper tomboy and was the first to try and climb the climbing tree. Not successfully but she will be up there soon. Freddie is the smallest of the trio and we couldn’t understand why!!! After watching them for a while we saw why! Ellie steamrollers herself into the middle when mum is feeding them so knocks poor Freddie off his teat and Alfie has this incredible trick after everyone has fed and mum has walked off. He literally screams for mum, as if he is in some distress, she comes running over to him to see what is up and they chirrup back and forth to one another so she lays down and he gets a sneaky feed without the others. What a clever boyhe has learnt to use this scream to get mums attention!! It’s proper ear splitting. Watching Molly and Alfie, there really is a strong connection between them. I keep telling Molly she shouldn’t have any favourites but, she has. Looking at them together he is a proper mummies boy and a real mini-me. Me and Lyn can just sit and watch them forever. I will make a video of them all in action next time.

Alfie is on the left, Black and White, Freddie the Tabby in the middle and Ellie is the White and Black on the right.

Mum Molly

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