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Molly and Babies

Welcome to Molly and babies. We first heard about this lovely girl when her owners brought her into the vets after she had been trying to give birth for 2 days!! On examination she had a pair of feet hanging out of her birth canal so it was an emergency operation for her. The baby in the birth canal was dead and there were 4 little ones still alive, miraculously. Unfortunately, one died in the first 24 hours and it was touch and go for all the ones left, and for mum. The owners said they couldn't afford the operation and so the vet got them to sign all the family over to PAWS

Molly is such a lovely girl, after all she has been through. She absolutely loves her babies, and lets us cuddle them for a short time then wants them back with her. She is now recovering in a quiet attic belonging to one of our fosterers, Lyn, so she can spend all her time with the little munchkins. She has 2 boys (Tabby Freddie and Archie who is black and white) and a girl (Ellie).  They are healthy now, but when they were ready for opening their eyes, Freddie had a closed crusty eye and after I managed to bathe it with warm water, it opened. However, there was infection inside. We had to rush him to the vets along with his family, to get some antibiotic drops. After careful and loving treatment from Lyn, his eye is now absolutely fine. Phew!!!

After all the little family have been through they are now having a normal, happy, safe life. The babies are now showing their personalities and I hope to report how

 they are in a weeks' time.

Trish Taylor


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