We have been served a Section 25 Eviction Notice and we need to find a new permanent home.  We've been trying for nearly 2 years but have been unsuccessful.  If you can help with funding, donation or have land & building(s) then please get in touch IMMEDIATELY.  We would consider a lease of 10 years or more but our ideal outcome would be a permanent site we could make our own and improve the facilities for the animals in our care.  We are trying to raise £300,000 in the next 4 weeks which is a tall order but WE CAN DO IT WITH YOUR HELP!

We receive no official funding and are reliant on the generosity of our supporters. There are several ways to donate to us, please click here to see some of the options available for supporting our animals in need.

All funds raised will go directly towards the cost of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs and cats in need. All are assessed by a vet, neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped & given flea and worming treatment. Only when PAWS feel an animal is ready, do they look for their forever home and great care is taken in the rehoming process to ensure the right home is found. It costs approximately £250.00 to rehabilitate and prepare just one dog to rehoming standard.


PENNINE ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY (PAWS) was set up as a voluntary group to help animals in the Todmorden, Hebden Bridge and Bacup area. Over the years many lovely people have become involved, giving what time and assistance they can, and helped us save the lives of many dogs, cats, pups and kittens. Our aim is to rehome as many animals as possible into secure loving homes for the rest of their lives.

We operate a no kill policy and no healthy animal is ever destroyed. Pets come into our care through no fault of their own – such as when an elderly owner cannot look after their animal any longer and have to make the heartbreaking decision to give their pet up, or a family’s circumstances change and they cannot give an animal the attention it needs and deserves. Other animals in our care have come to us from crisis situations: being unwanted, abandoned or dumped, suffering from abuse and neglect, or under threat of destruction.

All our animals are seen by a vet and any recommended treatment is given to ensure that they are rehomeable. Before adoption animals are assessed for any behavioural issues and are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated, and where necessary groomed.

Only when we feel an animal is ready do we look for a suitable home. We want all our animals to go to their forever home so great care is taken in the rehoming process to find the right home.

Following rehoming we are always there to offer advice and help owners as their new pet settles in. However, once adopted it is the owner’s total responsibility to get it any vets treatment, behavioural therapy and Pet Insurance to ensure a happy and healthy pet.