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Bruno's found his forever family!

How contented does Bruno look?!

Bruno has been homed twice now by PAWS, the first time was after his owner sadly passed away. The second set of owners (or guardians - you never really 'own' a cat !) found him a little too demanding, especially after developing a health issue. Fortunately they really got to know him really well and could tell us much more about him than we'd known previously. You can only get to know a cat so much in the rescue...

We joked at PAWS that we when we adopted Bruno again, we'd provide a free pair of ear plugs - in true Bengal fashion, he's a vocal lad!

We knew he needed to live somewhere with plenty of outside space & preferably with a lively family - and that's exactly what we found for him - he's living on a smallholding in beautiful, rural Blackshaw Head with a family of 5, chickens, geese, ducks, sheep and a couple of labradors. He's settled incredibly well and is loved by all. Good on you Bruno, we got you the perfect home in the end!

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