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P.A.W.S. receive grant from Pets at Home (Support Adoption for Pets Scheme)

Wonderful news for P.A.W.S. - we have been given a grant by Pets at Home (Support Adoption for Pets Scheme)…/pennine-animal-w… and had a presentation of the cheque at the Burnley Pets at Home Branch where P.A.W.S. regularly collects.

The generous donation will help P.A.W.S. get the outside areas sorted (weather permitting) so we can give access to secure play outside for our dogs. We received the absolutely stupendous amount of £8,380! So very grateful to the folks at Pets at Home.

A HUGE THANK YOU from all the animals in the care of P.A.W.S.

PAWS Trustees and Volunteers, Pets at Home Manager and Big Tod with Doris the dog

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