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Mum and kittens - success story

Last year, we were asked to help with a mum who had given birth outside. We geared up some volunteers to go and trap them when mum moved them! We stayed on standby for when she appeared, which she did about 4 weeks later so we went back out. A family had managed to get them in a large dog cage in their garage, which made our job a lot easier, although there was still blood shed. We thought they were around 8 weeks old when we got them, mum went straight to the vet to be neutered, fortunately she wasn't pregnant, but she had a tummy problem which we didn't know whether it was from living outside or something worse, so she is staying with one of our volunteers.

As the kittens were a bit hissy, we split them into 2 pairs and put them with fosterers to work on them - when they went to be neutered, it turned out all 4 were female. We were lucky that we got the kittens early enough that we were able to tame them all and find loving homes for them, and we homed them in the pairs they were fostered in, which is fantastic. They are all doing really well in their new homes.

This shows how important it is to neuter cats, 5 female cats would have very quickly escalated into a large colony

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