If you've got an animal that needs a new home, then you can really help its chances for adoption by telling us as much as you can about it. The more info the better. It goes on posters and websites and facebook. Please fill in the form below and attach the best quality pictures you can take and click the button that says 'Send To PAWS'. 


Your enquiry will be passed to a PAWS representative to be assessed, and you will be contacted in due course.

Remember, as much information as you know and a few pictures as big and as bright as your camera will allow!

PAWS is funded entirely by public donation and any contribution you can make towards the future care of your pet upon surrendering it to our rescue would be gratefully received. This will help towards the ongoing care and potential medical costs that may be incurred. It costs between £150 - £300 to neuter, inoculate, microchip and administer flea/tick/worm treatments. Feeding and boarding will further increase these costs. Thank you for supporting PAWS