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Getting a new pet is undoubtedly very exciting, however, there are many things to consider before choosing a new pet. Responsible owners want to keep their pets as happy, healthy and friendly as possible and it takes careful thinking to know how to achieve and maintain this. Your lifestyle, when to get a pet, initial / onward costs, vet fees and medical bills, pet insurance, and how long your pet will potentially live (cats can live to be 20 years old and parrots up to 80 years) should all be considered.

Consider when is the best time to take on a new pet. It is best done when there are few changes happening. If you are going on holiday, have a business trip planned or work being done to your house maybe it is not the best time to take on a new pet. Some people take time off work to “settle” their new pet, but they may still be upset when you have to leave them on their own when you go back to work. Puppies are very demanding and require someone to be home most of the time to tend to their toilet, training and socialising needs.

How much time do you have to devote to your pet? Many dogs require a lot of attention and exercise – especially puppies. If they are not exercised they can quickly become bored and frustrated. This can lead to  potential behavioural problems or destructive habits. All dogs need attention, to be loved and socialised regularly.

Do you have the appropriate indoor / outdoor space for your potential pet? Consideration should also be made of your neighbours and landlord’s needs (where necessary).

If you have children how will your new pet fit in? Are your children pet aware? If you have small children could they be knocked over by a boisterous dog or could they annoy a new pet that is not used to children?

If you travel or are on holiday who will look after your pet? If a friend or neighbour is to look after it have they the room / capacity to exercise it? If you are kennelling your dog or putting your cat into a cattery have you researched local facilities?

Some pets are very friendly and enjoy human contact and company. They may require someone to be home most of the time. Others are more independent and need less human interaction. Some pets, especially some breeds of dogs, are very active and would enjoy an active lifestyle. Others maybe more quiet and enjoy a more quiet lifestyle.

Are you in good health? Are you able to look after and care for a pet? If you were to become ill, regardless of your age and health, who would walk / look after your pet? If the worst was to happen and you were no longer here to look after your pet, what provision would you make for your pet’s future?

Small pets may only live a few years. However, dogs can live into thier late teens and it is not unusual for a cat to be 20 years old. Larger parrots can live to be up to 80 years old. Taking on any pet is a lifelong commitment. Older animals may also require ongoing medical and healthcare treatment.

The cost of rehoming or purchasing your pet, bedding or outdoor accommodation and other essentials such as collars and leads and toys.

Neutering, microchipping (although many rescue centres, including PAWS, will offer this as part of the rehoming fee).

Booster vaccinations and health checks, Pets require a check up at the vets at least once a year.

Grooming (some coats require more than others and professional groomers are needed), food, flea and worming treatments, pet insurance.

Any treatment needed needs to be planned for.  To save on the cost of unexpected emergencies, Pet Insurance is always a safe guard to ensure you have funds available when needed for those extras.  Basic costs of fleaing and worming still need to be considered.

Research carefully the needs of each type of pet you are considering.  You can always chat this over with us if you are unsure. Different breeds of dog do have very different requirements and there is much available information on the internet.  Research now will pay off in the future to find your perfect match.

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