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One of the greatest challenges we face at PAWS is finding suitable homes for animals with specific requirements.  Consequently we can't always find homes for pets that may face challenges on a daily basis.

This is Big George.

George was rescued from the dog pound where he was due to be destroyed. He is a sweet natured Dogue de Bordeaux cross, who has a number of issues but could make a loyal companion to the right owner.  However, after several years of trying to find someone it has been decided that George will remain with PAWS and enjoy being safe and secure in our care.

George likes a chair or settee to snooze on and people have kindly donated these to PAWS in the past.  George also needs special food which is costly so we have ongoing veterinary bills and specialist food to pay for.  

If you could spare a few pounds on a regular basis this would really help us with George's long term care.  Rest assured he will have a safe place for life with us but he really needs your help to cover the cost of his keep.  

You can make regular payments via PayPal, JustGiving or by setting up a standing order via email to  

If you are a tax payer don't forget to GIFT AID it and then you'll increase your contribution to our coffers further.  

George will be looked after for life by P.A.W.S. and any contribution you can make to his care will make his life more comfortable. 



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